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A collaboration with singer and vocal coach Michelle O'Rourke

Louise White spent three years learning how to sing, but what she really learned about was her crippling fear of failure. Sing Your Failures is a crash-test singing experience for a group of twenty people. You are invited to join Louise and her singing teacher to embrace the art of imperfection. Come and exist in the unknown for less than an hour, take your place in an impromptu untrained choir as it comes together in a public space. Celebrate failure, warble through fear, and give performance anxiety the stiff middle finger — what better way to feel alive than to confront yourself in this tender intersection of collective endeavour and abject terror?

Michelle O’Rourke is a singer and Vocal Coach, and is ever- fascinated by the role of voice in the ritual of performance. Michelle maintains a diverse portfolio of work from contemporary classical music, to devised interdisciplinary projects, to holistic vocal coaching.

Created and Developed by Louise White in collaboration with Michelle O’Rourke
Set Design Lian Bell
Costume Design Deana Hedderman  
Creative Producer Killian Coyle

Michelle O'Rourke on RTÉ Radio One, The Ryan Tubridy Show
Louise White on The Arts House with Elmarie Mawe  

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