Privilege: The Musical! is a technicolour explosion asking us where the power lies.

It was slated to take place in 2020, and again in 2021, but had to be postponed due to COVID -19. Because of the scale of the show and the amount of live singing involved we had to wait until more restrictions were lifted before staging the work.

It will now take place in early 2022 and we are really looking forward to sharing this fire-cracking performance with audiences. 

Expect brutal honesty, icky home truths, and a whole lot of show-tunes. 

Leap into the chaos of our co-existence in this gloves-off look at gender, class, ability, sexual orientation and race.
Sick of watching others bathe in their money, power, choices?
Now's the time for the curtain drop.


I am developing a contemporary reworking of George Orwell's Animal Farm. The research and development for this project will take place in late 2021 and the show will premier in the Autumn 2022. Animal Farm brilliantly examines the motifs of power and revolution. I want to use its theatricality and allegory to ask questions about power, inequity and the ruling classes. I wish to explore how the freedom that was that was won in Ireland in 1922 was illusory for the mass of people. Vincent Browne suggests that what happened then wasn’t a revolution, but was merely a change of masters. He reasons that nothing substantially changed in Irish society or in the welfare of the mass of people by getting political independence. In a year when centenary and celebration is going to be ubiquitous, it is imperative to tell new stories; to fight for the for the needs of marginalised communities, including those in generational poverty, those experiencing homelessness, those in traveller and ethnic minorities, those in LGBTQ+ and disabled communities.  Only then do we have the opportunity to cherish all children equally.


This is a durational piece of a public park that invites members of the public to broadcast private moments of shame and failure accompanied by a brass band. I am making this work to explore my own crippling fear of failure.

In researching this work. I learned about the concept of voice shame, where individuals engage in intensive monitoring of their vocal expression in public spheres. The act of singing and speaking in public creates anxiety in many people. I want to investigate this moment of terror by inviting the audience to engage in an act of defiant celebration and confront their fears in public, to harness the civic function and volume of the brass band in order to create this invitation. Sounds like a LOL, no?


Killian Coyle-2.jpg

I am working with Killian Coyle across these projects. Killian is a theatre producer with an incredible track record. He works with a variety of independent artists and companies, as well as working on large scale commercial productions. He is supported by field:arts. You can find more information one his work here.